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About Services
Serving Clackamas and Multnomah Counties

In 1997, the original Services Program ( Parents are Consistently There) was developed in Multnomah and Clackamas Counties to address non-compliant Obligors, ordered to appear before a Circuit Court Judge for Contempt of Court - non-payment of their child support orders. In September 2011 Services branched off as two separate entities: Services and Pact Resources. Services provides PACT program services to Clackamas and Multnomah counties. PACT Resources provides the PACT Program to other Oregon counties.

The objectives of the class were (and still are):

•  To increase frequency of child support payments by the obligated parent.

•  Provide parents with the practical tools needed to organize thoughts and questions about child support, organize their legal paperwork, to work within a budget to be able to pay their monthly support.

•  Educate parent regarding the Support Enforcement Division, and what SED can and can not assist them with.

•  Improve commitment and awareness of support issues which are integral to parenting.

•  Provide information and referrals to outside resources, including legal resources, job skills training, and social services which include food, shelter and health care.

•  Increase participants' understanding of self worth.

The history of the Program from inception through 2011, shows more than 1250 Obligors have successfully completed the class. In tracking payments twelve months prior to attendance, and 36 months following completion of the class, the increase in payment and frequency of payment has been ten-fold.

We want to make this program, and these classes, available to any and all obligated parents who need help understanding the Child Support Program and what they, as parents, can do to help themselves. The one question we are asked time and again is “Why didn't I know about this program sooner?” That is why we are here!

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